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It is all about skills for life! Elin brings practical and policy experience from being a youth worker in the South Wales valleys, to working on entrepreneurship and education with Welsh Government and the European Commission.


A great believer in the power of networks, enthusiastic and passionate, with predictably strong views on social inclusion and learner engagement!


Elin is active in global networks for entrepreneurship education, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and is an expert for the European Commission, European Training Foundation and UNESCO-UNEVOC.




Communication Lead

Megan has a background in EFL and CLIL education, with classroom experience in Europe and Asia.


She also studied for a Master’s in Intercultural Communication and Translation, specialising in the public sector during time which she received a MAEC grant to work on placement in the US.


She joins Bantani as Communications Assistant after previously holding the same role at a Madrid-based non-profit.

Bantani Team Photos - Candice Astorino.p



Policy & Research Associate

Candice is a Graduate student in European Studies, with a background in Law and Political Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, joining Bantani as a Policy and Research Associate.


She has extensive experience in research and organising academic events and is looking forward to engaging more in educational projects.


When asked about the importance of education, Candice told us: “I truly believe that education is the pillar for a better society, I am interested in connecting local communities and institutions around educational goals and policies.”

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