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SIDiT teaching methodology for inclusion 

The methodology invites schools to engage in student-led project work that addresses the curriculum and offers teachers an opportunity to reflect on inclusive practices, including best practice examples from the partner countries. It is provided in the practical form of a toolkit; a handbook with sample lesson scenarios which promotes learning and inclusion and is easily accessible for educators to use in their classrooms. The SIDiT toolkit:

  • predicates on the core principles of inclusive education, such as participation, interaction and communication. 

  • focuses on the development of transversal skills, the skills that are crucial to social inclusion, such as learning to learn, critical thought, media literacy, entrepreneurship and languages.

Download SIDiT methodology

SIDiT Teacher Training Course 

The Teacher Training Course improves the teachers’ capacity to practice effective, innovative inclusive teaching in their classrooms. It enables primary school teachers to acquire educational skills that value the individual strengths and contributions of the students and makes the learning experience richer and more diverse for everyone.

The SIDiT Teacher Training Course is designed to train primarily primary school teachers that work with students aged 8-12 years. It is suitable for education professionals who work with children from diverse backgrounds, such as migrant children.


That includes:

  • primary school teachers

  • trainee teachers

  • teachers in non-formal education

  • professionals (e.g youth workers, social workers) concerned with integration and inclusion

SiDiT Policy Recommendations for inclusion in education 

Our purpose is to ensure the transferability of the SiDiT methodology to other European contexts and by other actors.

The Policy Recommendations are addressed to regional governments and local authorities, but also to other actors interested in implementing the SiDiT methodology or concerned with inclusion in education.

Download SIDiT Policy Recommendations

A Case Study of Dedicated Teacher Making a Difference

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