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Boys at School
Excited Children in Science Class


GO! Unescoschool elementary Koekelberg is a part of the GO! School group Brussels and our array of pupils reflects the diversity of culture and religion that is typical of Brussels, the capital of Europe.


Within our school, we are aware that there is diversity in the development of the pupils as well. An asset which we put priority to. A total of 74 people work for our school. In the whole elementary school, we have 720 pupils (kindergarten included as well).


In the Unescoschool, we pay attention to the complete personality development of every child. We provide education for the head, the heart and the hands. We value a decent preparation for secondary education, but also work on social skills and make plenty of time for creative activities so the pupils can grow up as responsible and socially skilled persons. That is because we want to provide an education as broad as possible and use the most advenced teaching methods to reach these goals. Every child has a right to challenging tailored education.


The Unescoschool offers many opportunities for good STEM education and grows along with this. First of all, five talent hunts are organised every year for the first time. In our school curriculum, attention is paid in educational level degree to the part "science & technology" in which the teachers immerse pupils in STEAM education. In addition, some twenty tablets are provided that can be used by both: the teachers and the pupils. Through the use of educational apps, the children not only learn in a fun way, but they are also working on the technology that is becoming increasingly important in this society.


Programming is very much on the agenda within our school. We attach importance to developing the skills of our students from the 21st century. In doing so, it is essential that they make use of modern systems in a well-considered way in a team context, in function of personal development and talents.

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