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The Goethe-Institut e.V. is a German non-profit that promotes German language and culture worldwide. Globally, there are more than 150 Goethe-Institutes and Goethe language learning centres in 98 countries, which makes it the largest organisation for Germany’s foreign cultural and educational policies. Goethe-Institut Athen forms part of this organisational structure.

Goethe-Institut considers language as a key qualification for education, employment and intercultural understanding. Goethe-Institut Athen offers German teachers a wide range of educational opportunities and together with our local partners, we organise events and seminars for teachers of the German language and conduct seminars in methodology and didactics or topic-specific advanced training which are available also on-line.

Goethe-Institut Athen is the lead partner of the SIDiT project having previously successfully led the Erasmus+ Schools: Future Labs and the Erasmus+ Cradle project that looked to increase the employability of young people by increasing their interest and achievements in STEM, entrepreneurial skills and foreign language subjects.

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