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Ms. Anna Stamouli is a highly motivated and proficient Project Manager with a deep understanding of Instructional Design principles and profound experience in e-learning technologies.


Among other activities, Anna has a special focus on research related to innovative digital tools that promote gamified learning and offer personalized learning experiences. Her moto is 'as long as I live, a will always keep learning'.



Mr. Christos Anthis holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Sterling and is the founder of CCSDE where he holds the role of Instructional Designer and R&D Manager.


He has many years of experience as an Instructional Designer and producer of educational content for CBT for vocational training and formal education (all levels).


He was also responsible for the instructional design and the production of the EXACT learning placement tools for the evaluation of knowledge in the philosophy of science, glossology and A-Level Mathematics at the University of Swansea.


As instructional designer he was also involved in numerous projects concerning the development of CBT content for Express Publishing, concerning mostly language learning (English).

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