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Guray Turkistan has 10 years of experience as a school director. He has been active for the past 9 years as a school director at BS Unesco Koekelberg.


Previously, he has been class teacher in primary education for 7 years. He is particularly passionate about educational innovation and trying to find all kinds of methodologies to create as many equal educational opportunities for all pupils as possible.

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Since September 2020, Ilse has been working as a quality officer at BS Unescoschool Koekelberg. In the 14 years that she has been working in primary education, she has gained experience with different educational forms and functions both inside and outside the classroom. Ilse believes that every child should be able to develop himself within his own possibilities and with due regard for their talents.


Education has the important task of ensuring that every child can do so within a safe and at the same time challenging setting.  It is with great pleasure and commitment that she is willing to contribute to this important goal.