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European symposium for inclusivity in schools

The Goethe-Institut Athen invites you on Friday June 9, 2023, from 15:00 to the European symposium for inclusivity in schools. Decision makers, educators, academics, and civil society representatives discuss good practices and innovative methodologies of inclusive education in Europe.


Classrooms in Europe are constantly changing. Students with different socio-economic, cultural, religious and language backgrounds are creating the new European generation. The variability of students' needs raises the demand for an inclusive education, an education that includes all students and enables them to attend the school in their neighbourhood, while at the same time they acquire the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in modern society. However, do educators have the tools and methods to meet the increasing educational demands?


The program of the Symposium includes panel discussions, presentations, as well as specialised workshops for educators. The invited speakers discuss the education policies of the European Union and international bodies such as UNESCO, present innovative methodologies that have been applied in school classrooms and seek to outline the future of inclusive education in Europe. The workshops are specially designed for teachers and are intended to present new methodologies for primary and secondary education, developed within the framework of educational programs of the Goethe-Institut Athen.


The Symposium is addressed to education professionals and teachers of all specialties and levels, students, researchers, educators in civil society initiatives and anyone interested in its topics.


The European symposium for inclusivity in schools marks the completion of the European program Erasmus+ SIDiT-Supporting Inclusion and Diversity in Teaching led by the Goethe-Institut Athen from 2020-2023. It is a transnational project that makes diversity in the classroom the subject of teaching, aiming to support teachers working in multicultural classrooms.



To read the Symposium’s program and to fill out the participation form, follow the link below:


Only in person attendance.

Registration for the workshops will take place at the conference venue.


Panel discussions will be held in English, workshops in Greek and/or English.

Free entrance.




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