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Miriam Colum is a lecturer, researcher and School Placement Coordinator in the Department of Policy and Practice in Marino Institute of Education (MIE), Dublin.


She is a former primary school teacher with experience in mainstream and special school settings. In 2019, Miriam was appointed to the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) consultative forum.


She is currently undertaking doctoral studies (PhD) in the area of leadership for special education. Miriam’s research interests are in special education, inclusive education and educational leadership.


She is project lead for the Tobar project in MIE that aims to increase participation for Irish Travellers in initial teacher education. She also leads the SiDiT project on behalf of the Irish partners.



Sorcha Browne Byrne is a lecturer in Mathematics Education at Marino Institute of Education. She is a former primary school teacher with experience teaching all age groups and has also spent time teaching in a special needs class for children with autism. 


Sorcha holds a Master of Science degree in developmental psychology and mathematics from the University of Oxford and is currently pursuing a PhD in mathematics education at University College Dublin. 


Sorcha has extensive knowledge of primary school mathematics as well as theories of mathematics learning and their implications on mathematics teaching and learning. 


Her research interests include culturally responsive pedagogy, informal learning and inclusive mathematics.

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Dr. Maja Haals Brosnan is a senior lecturer in early childhood education. Dr. Haals Brosnan has a background in anthropology of childhood but has spent the last decade working in and researching the field of child and family policy and early childhood education, with a particular focus on early childhood education policy and inclusion.


She lectures in cultural diversity and inclusion, educational disadvantage, ECE policy and research methods. She has completed research in as diverse topics as childhood adversity in central Africa, also looking at children’s experiences of migration, education practice and policy for inclusion, parental involvement in education, technology, the impact of Covid-19 on educational practice and programme evaluations.


My research interest currently include culturally responsive pedagogy, play based learning, anti bias education practice and ECE policy



Dr Aiveen Mullally is a lecturer in Religious Education, Multi-Belief and Values Curricula and Spirituality of the Child in Marino Institute of Education (MIE). She is director of the Centre for Religious Education in MIE and has worked extensively with teachers, schools and Trust bodies in the area of school ethos, faith leadership, spirituality and religious diversity. She is a former secondary school teacher and authored national guidelines for voluntary secondary schools in Ireland on the Inclusion of Students of Different Beliefs in Catholic Secondary Schools (JMB, 2019). 


Aiveen holds a Masters degree in Religion and Culture and her doctoral studies were on the challenges of religious diversity in state-managed primary schools in Ireland (2018). 


Her current research interests are in teacher identity and religious education; belief fluidity; multi-belief religious education and religious diversity in Catholic schools.

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