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Workshop with professionals from formal and non-formal education in Italy


On Saturday 18th of February 2023, a multiplier event took place in Matera with the purpose of reaching out to local education processionals such as professors, school teachers, youth workers in NGOs and young volunteers and encourage them to include SiDiT in their classes. Thirty people participated to the event, which was supported by the trainer and expert in the field of inclusive education, Cristina Lamacchia.

Chiara Saponaro, project manager of the partner organisation Materahub, presented the project results, such as the SIDiT Methodology, the Training of Teachers and the Inclusive Competence Framework. After a short quiz with the participants, she introduced them to the lesson scenario ‘Identity and Belonging’, which is included in the SIDiT Handbook, prompting them to reflect on what is gender, how it can be defined and what actions can support gender equality in the classrooms.

The discussion that followed allowed teachers to share their own experiences on the challenges they face when teaching in diverse classrooms, and to exchange further on how the concept of inclusive education can contribute to creating schools without any form of discrimination.


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